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Oh! Henry

Yes, this is a real chocolate bar – What they were  doing with it when they came up with the name I can only imagine.

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Karnataka, the centre of the south and home to the abandoned city of Hampi, beautiful Mysore – of  Mysore Masala Dosa fame – and party town Bangalore.

check out some of my photos

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One of the most culturally rich states in  India and home to the twin world heritage sites of Ellora and Ajanta – As well as the holy city of Nasik and the ‘Baby Taj’.

Begun in the 2nd century BC, Ajanta lay hidden by bush on the bend of a river for centuries before being rediscovered by Europeans.  Luckily the elaborately decorated interior was preserved and gives a unique insight into early Buddhist art.  As Buddhism declined, so did Ajanta, and the focus moved to Ellora where the huge rock-cut temples attest to the rise of resurgence of Hinduism and the popularity of Jainism.

Nasik is one of the holiest cities in India , and one of the few where you can achieve Moksha, or  liberation from the cycle of birth and death, by bathing in the holy ghats – Also used for more general bathing and for washing clothes.  I found it one of the friendliest cities in India – a nice break from the hassle of more touristy areas.

Anyway, here’s some photos

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