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Chips and cheese, I love it.  When I was a student, I was munching on this pretty much every two or three days – if not more, who am I kidding.  And it wasn’t long before I moved on to chips and cheese AND gravy.  A pretty intense combination and one enjoyed by many of my contemporaries at Glasgow College of Food Technology.  It all ended after too many gratinated chips, cheese and pepper sauce sandwiches at the restaurant I was working at – too much of a good thing is always a bad thing, especially if your pilling on the serious pounds.

In Canada though, they’ve changed what is essentially one of the worst for you dishes – think saturated fat, salt, loads of carbs-  into a national dish to be proud of.  Obviously its a little different over here with well made fries, peppery gravy and the big difference – fresh cheese curds.  They’ve even got a name for it – Poutine, not “chipsncheesengravy”.  Sophistication, no?  And I have to admit that it’s pretty damn good.

Obviously, it all depends on where you go to get your poutine.  You can get it everywhere from diners, to pubs, to pizza places.  But it’s the specialist places that really shine – If your going to open a shop specialising in something you need to do it properly.

So off I went to Fritz on davie street today where I had my best portion so far.  The chips – hand cut, crispy, skin on; the gravy – salty, peppery, a little spicy and just the right saltiness; The cheese curds – fresh, soft and not unlike fresh buffalo motz, the best part of the dish.  The cons – $4.50, come on.  Thats £3!  Why so expensive?  And this is a small, very small.  This is Vancouver I suppose.

The other stand out poutines for me have been at the Dover pub – Poutine with pulled pork, OMG, and any time your up the mountain snowboarding.


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Indian Road Signs

Some of the crazy road signs that are posted on the roads of Ladakh.  There were a few more that I didn’t get to photo like – After whiskey, driving is risky!


This ones a little bit Kinky









A important warning about ‘overspeed’







A warning to all those eager Indian boys!








And another for all those budding pilots










And my personal favourite

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Nothing Happened

There should be more of these posted to remember such auspicious dates.

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Nepal September 2011

After India Nepal just seems like a travelers paradise – no hassle, easy to get around, friendly people and even more colour, ritual and preserved living history. The UNESCO world heritage Durbar squares around the Kathmandu valley are some of the most spectacular medieval towns found anywhere on the planet and the great peaks of the Himalaya are – are unexplainable.  Sadly i didn’t take as many photos as I should have as there was so much rain, but take a look at what I’ve got here

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Japanese hot dogs – what will they think of next.  Maybe this is what they mean by fusion food.  It sounds like a really strange concept, but actually they’re a super popular snack on the corner of Burrard and Smithe in Vancouver.

This is my spicy cheese terimayo hot dog, a pretty tasty option with a jalapeno and cheese dog, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo and topped with shredded nori.  Awesome, I think, is the word to describe it.  They should be available everywhere.

check them out here

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