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Gad. Gad Gad, Gad. GAAAAD. Fizzy, yeasty, Sour, drink.  Why? Please tell me why?  I tried my hardest to like it, I drank a whole bottle.  now I ask myself why, why, why did i drink It?

Buy it. Try for yourself – you’ll see.


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I love dim sum. I really do, In fact I love asian cuisine and that style of eating more than any other.  I’m never satisfied with a meal that only has the standard 3 courses – I want more, I want it all.  In fact I’m not that convinced about the whole sit down eat starters, mains, dessert thing at all.  not in the sit down resto way anyway.  I want choice.  Thinking back to my childhood all the best dinners I had were serve yourself.  Who want’s to have a plated food at your Mum’s house.  I want a plate, I want meat, I want potatoes – Two kind s at least – I want vegetables of various colours, I want,I want, I want – oooh,and I want lots of gravy!

So my Love of variety goes way back to my childhood.  Dim Sum = Variety.  So does tapas, Izakaya, Sushi, Thai, Indian, everything really, but that dated French structural way of eating that seems to dominate the western world – Is this our aspiration, really.  Not to interact over a meal, not to fight for that last piece of crispy fried king crab, or that single steamed scallop all on its own. And I love chopsticks too.  completely pointless utensils, since the invention of the fork – lets face it.  But eating with them is a pleasure.  Especially if you spend any time in china where the only other option is your hands ( lt’s a liberating experience, but best reserved for india!) and you turn into a natural MOFO at using them.

So Dim Sum.  It takes me places –  ‘WILL TRAVEL FOR DIM SUM’.  I should have a t-shirt with that logo.  Today It took me to Sun Sui Wah,on south main Vancouver.  Outside of Asia Van is really one of the best places to eat good cheap, Asian food.  And this is no exception.  A huge big banquet hall of a place stuffed with merry Chinese people filling there bellies with King crab – they didn’t have a small enough one to serve us sadly as we were only two.  But we ate.  Oh yes we did.

Char sui Pork buns, with a surprisingly sweet but dark meaty filling; Manila clams steamed with black bean sauce; King oyster mushroom with choi sum, Prawn mousse wrapped in bacon with lemon sauce; Prawn cheung fun; some steamed pak choi with oyster sauce – and finally the roast squab pidgeon, with a salt dip – their signature Dim Sum. What can I say but it was all textbook.  Exactly the way it should be – Awesome that is.

In reality your local dim sum place is just as good, go there, go there now, eat, bring friends, share, be happy – and always, always fight for that last clam.

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