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There’s no explaining this one when it arrives.  Appetising really isn’t the word.  This is a food challenge.  Boiled blood, tripe, god knows what the other stuff is, and an incredibly spicy broth – dyed bright red.  Andrea ordered this dish at a stopover on the bus to BKK – actually some of my most memorable meals of trips past have all been at bus stops.  In fact one of my favourite noodle soups of all time was at the stop between Udon Thani and BKK- I’ve been there twice strangely and the same woman served me a t 2am on both occasions – though I doubt she remembers me, just another Farang. However, This one really takes the prize for most challenging noodle soup.  And it’s good, real good.  All those strange textures and offensive flavours we don’t really like in the west.  Intense is the only word I could think of to describe it.

This is real thai food.


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