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Obviously we all come to Siem Reap to visit the huge temple complexes outside of town – But when it’s raining?  Really, its pretty hard to appreciate the temples when its pissing it down.  Sadly on my last trip we found that it rained pretty much all the time – so we learned a little about the town.

Anyway, my little list

1 boys fish spa1. Get a fish spa – A little bit tickly at first, you soon get used to it and 30 minutes later all the dead skin is gone from your feet.  And at $2, with a free beer, it’s a bargain.

7 crocs2. Visit the Crocodile Farm. With more than a thousand crocodiles, it keeps you busy for at least 30 minutes – and it’s only $7 to feed them a live duck!

8 rice cake3. Eat – There a literally hundreds of options in Siem Reap for food.  From local food down the market, to upmarket French – And everything in between.  Fresh morning pastries at The blue pumpkin are my personal favourite.

10 happy herb pizza4. Have a happy herb pizza – It’s pizza, with herbs that make you happy – what else is there to say?

11 mantis brekkie

5. Do nothing – Just kick back on your balcony and relax – and hang with the praying mantis as we did.  Sometimes it’s good just to have a rest from all the people trying to sell you stuff, take you on tours, have you eat in their restaurants……Don’t forget you’re on holiday

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1 angkor entrance

Back in Angkor Wat again for the third time – well somebody has to make up for all those people who haven’t been!

2 bas 13 bas 2

4 angk hall

7 headless buddha

8 apsara9 apsara 2

12 bayon head

13 bayon head 214 bayon head 317 bayon20 temple ruins

21 ta prohm entrance22 ta prohm entrance

24 ta prohm tree 224 ta prohm

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Another epic ancient landscape.  Temples, Temples, Temples. Oh and a few more.  I have to admit after eight months of travelling I’m feeling a little jaded.  But still, you have to see this place to believe it.  The shear scale of Angkor Wat, the overbearing atmosphere of the Bayon, still in ruins Preah Khan – All places, amongst many more, that anybody at all interested in history, architecture or culture should visit at least once in their life – I’ts my second time!  But even though the temples are massive structures, it’s the small details that really make it amazing – beautiful, intricate carvings showinga mixture of scenes from the Hindu epics, wars and everyday life in the Angkor.

Anyway, if you need some more info google it.  Here’s my photos – none of which can begin to give you an impression of the place, maybe a little one.

Angkor November 2010

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Pork Kebab Baguette

Well there’s three words I didn’t think I’d say together.  But they’ve turned into three words I’ve learned to love pretty quickly.  A combination only a French influenced country could come up with.

All the old Indo-Chinese countries produce baguettes – a reminder of their french colonial days – and each have their own twists.  In Phnom Penh this is the way they serve them – slightly toasted baguette lathered in butter, some grilled sticky pork kebabs,  pickled green papaya and cucumber and then the condiments – sweet chilli sauce and crushed peanuts to sprinkle on top.  I’m sure the french would be proud of their legacy.

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It’s The Snail Man

We’ve just arrived in Cambodia and we’re already sitting in a cafe having some fantastic Ice Coffee when who should pass by but the snail man.  I literally chased him down the street to get some of these tasty morsels.  Only 20p for a bag of  steamed snails  with sweet chilli sauce – A bit like buying a bag of nuts.  Nobody else seems to want any though.

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