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Demolition Delhi

In a last minute push to make this place semi-acceptable to the masses expected during the Commonwealth games the city Corporation decided to destroy the most popular traveller area of the city.  I’m not sure what this place looked like before, but I’m betting it didn’t look like it had just came out of a long running civil war. 

Apparently,  or so Ive been told, they Just came down one day with the bulldozers and started tearing the fronts off the buildings, some of which have been there for over 50 years.  They have also clearing an extra couple of inches so they can rebuild with nice new facades and the government can have its road back.

In theory a good idea if you ask me – i’m sure it was almost as much a shithole before, but not exactly the plan of action I might have taken.  Especially with the monsoon just about to hit. 

Speaking to people in the area though, they sound confident that it will be done in time – just in time!  And I’m sure it will be.

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