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Keeps your eyes open in Bangkok and you’ll see some pretty crazy stuff.  Here’s a few of the random things that I found.

My favourite brand of whisky….

black cock

What an awesome statement.

tuk tuk

No hand grenades, no S&M, no sexual harassment???


No explanation needed!

no fng

How are they gonna know if it doesn’t smell?

no farting

I know I am.


Well those glasses should help with his eyesight…

painted dog

Karaoke – yes, Sexy ladies – yes, Disabled – yes, Filming no, obviously!

no filming

Cute and crazy shit- some things definitely get lost in translation

cute shit 2

cute shit


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Need I say more, whiskey – laos

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Indian Road Signs

Some of the crazy road signs that are posted on the roads of Ladakh.  There were a few more that I didn’t get to photo like – After whiskey, driving is risky!


This ones a little bit Kinky









A important warning about ‘overspeed’







A warning to all those eager Indian boys!








And another for all those budding pilots










And my personal favourite

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Oh! Henry

Yes, this is a real chocolate bar – What they were  doing with it when they came up with the name I can only imagine.

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Smile If You Masturbate

What an absolute legend.  Need I say any more?

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