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No trip to Bangkok is complete without a trip to Wat Pho and the Royal Palace – wearing your only pair of trousers and long sleeve shirt in the blazing hot sun, no immodesty here please!

But it’s definitely worth it – Lustrous gold and brightly coloured glass all shine in the sun drawing your attention to the remarkably detailed stupas and Buddha statues.  The palace itself tries to be as close to heaven as possible – the only fitting home for a dynasty which have traditionally been seen as demi-gods.

Along with Wat Pho, the palace is seen as the focus of Buddhism in Thailand, and although the royal family have now moved to a modern European style palace, this area is still a deeply religious one – hence the long sleeves.

It is, however, a bit of a tourist trap, with wave after wave of people bussed in on their Thailand tour, so it’s never going to be a relaxing experience.  But as with all tourist traps – there’s a reason they’re there!!

The Great reclining Buddha’s toes

buddha toes

Buddhas lining the corridors that surround the central temples in Wat Pho

buddhas wat po 2buddhas wat po

Some of the many demons and gods protecting the religious areas of the royal palace

demon 2

demon 1

demon 3

Mother of pearl detail on the Buddha’s Feet

mother of pearl buddha foot

The huge reclining Buddha

rclining buddha

The Great Buddhas face and that of a Taoist statue outside protecting the temple.

reclining buddha facetaoist statue

Not BKK, but a nice photo of a local kid on the beach in Koh Chang

kid beach koh

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