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Andrea drove the van with all our stuff to Scotland in record time, 6 hours, even with a quick pit stop in Dumfries to see my mate Davey Payne.  Lucky for me I wasn’t on the insurance from the rental people so I didn’t have to do any driving.  I used to love the drive up and down, but now I can’t be bothered.  Once you’ve done it a couple of times…

After unpacking, a lot easier than packing, we spent a night being stuffed by my Granny and watching the final of dancing on ice.  Not my cup of tea especially, but nice to relax a little after the last couple of days.  Also nice seeing my Granny and eating pan scones and home made blackcurrant jam.

The next day it was off to Castle Douglas to meet my Dad, have a few games of pool with my cousin Coid, who I haven’t seen in probably 10 years, and have a chat with my uncle Vinnie.  Andrea could barely understand the banter.  I always start going back to the scottish slang after a few beers.

Anyway it was back to Kirkcudbright and an early night, then some goodbyes, one more quick stop to drop off some of Marcelli’s Vodka for my Dad, calling milkman’s here

 – How many goodbyes can we have, he said

 – at least two, I said.

That’s it then, I’m off. 

No more cold weather.

Good food and Good times here I come.

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