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Rajasthan, where the best and the worst of India really collide.  One of the poorest states but with a long cultural heritage and some of India’s most popular tourist destinations.  But you spend half your time trying to fend off people wanting to sell you carpets or jewels or silver or something, and harassment of western women is not unheard of.

On the other hand there are beautiful palaces to visit, intricately carved Jain temples, the jantar mantar, Bundi fort to name a few.  And much, much more than I saw before I got out of the furness.  At the time though, I just couldn’t wait to leave. I don’t know if it was the heat or the hassle, or both, but being in the tourist trap that is Jaipur sent me over the edge.  The constant battle to get the driver to go where you want, the hassle from pretty much everybody outside a tourist attraction and all this at temperatures above 40c.  Nightmare.

There were some highlights though.  Watching Octopussy on a rooftop while drinking beer illegally in Udaipur, hanging out with a dog and a bunch of agressive macaques looking out over blue Bundi, or just the random religious festivals that appear overnight in town centres.

Go to Rajasthan, just wait till winter.  Or just look at my photos here

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